Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dallin gets an A for 2 days in a row for going Potty!

So Dallin hasn't messed up at all in the last 2 days. Given he hasn't pooped in two days either. Usually he messes up when he poops. He hasn't learned how to go poo poo in the potty yet. He is learning really fast tho. My mom and I were talking on the phone today and she said that I wet the bed till I was like 5 or 6. I think it might be easier for boys to hold their blatters cause their pee has further to travel!:)
So matt hasn't had a sale since friday and it is wednesday. That makes it almost a week. It is so hard when he doesn't get sales cause we really want another baby but we can't afford to get insurance. I also need to get my IUD out but I need insurance for that so it is kind of crazy. I had a dream last night that I had triplets. They were all boys! ha ha.... I want a girl really bad and pray all the time that she is waiting up there for me. I love boys tho and would be happy with either one. I get so baby hungry but when things are so tight I just don't know how its going to all work out. I keep praying and asking the Lord to help pave the way for our family to grow. Its hard when I don 't know the Lords plan but I know he will provide a way. He always does.
Matt is also back and forth about the whole baby thing. I wish he would commit cause I know its going to happen no matter what so in my mind I think we might as well just do it. I am at home all day anyways being a mom.
Today it rained all day. Actually I mean it Poured all day. It is suppose to be summer. what is up with that! I want to go swimming so hopefuly the wheather clears up. Plus Matt has to knock all day in the rain and comes home soaked at night. He works so hard. I know it is really hard for him when he doesn't get sales. Keep it up baby!

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The Clingo Family said...

Yay, for Dallin! You must be so proud of him, he is going potty in the toilet at such a young age. I heard that boys were usually harder to potty train than girls and that they usually potty train at a later age.

I meant to post this link on your page back on your first post (when you first updated) and you were talking about trying to find joy in the journey. What you were saying made me think of this talk and I just LOVE this talk. I'm sure you've heard it before and may have even read it recently, but just in case you haven't here it is:

It's "Finding Joy in the Journey" by President Monson.

I understand how you feel, it IS hard to find joy in the journey at times. It's been too often that I just want to "get through" different stages of life and wish time would just fast forward. Like right now, all I want to do it fast forward to when I will be living with James again, but I realized that I need to focus on the present and enjoy this time with my family and this adorable stage that Noah is at. But's it tough, but that talk really helps me when I'm feeling down :)