Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dallin in his car seat & stroller. He's ready to go.
This is the pregnancy pictures Matt & I took before Dallin was born. Here's my Belly shot.
Matt & me together. These pics were fun to take & a great memory to have.
Just chillin with his eyes wide open. He does this all the time. He loves to look around.

Great Grandma made Dallin a little bear blanket, he loves playing with it already.

After nursing in the car, Dallin fell asleep and didn't want to finish the ride in his car seat.
Again looking around with his eyes wide open.
Dallin is always ready to nurse. His mouth seems to be as wide open as his eyes when mommy is holding him.

I wonder what good I did to get all of this!

Dallin loves all the attention he can get!

Grandpa & Dallin!

My dad never could resist little babies. It was really good to have family here supporting us after Dallin was born.


The best thing in the world is to watch Matt cuddle Dallin. Seeing the 2 people you love the most together is amazing.

Ready for a diaper change!

Here is Dallin in one of our favorite outfits on him. Baby legs are the best, they keep his legs warm with out the ugly pant line on his stomach. Dallin is just chillin.... he's getting use to us taking a million pictures of him all the time.