Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dal acting like his daddy!

So I am trying to catch up on a few weeks of photo's now that I have my camera working. Thats why I am publishing so many pics and posts all on the same day. I just love how Dallin photographs tho so I just have to post as many pics as I can before I get behind.

One of my favorite things Dallin started doing recently is copy the way matt hold his work folder when he is leaving for the day. Matt always puts it under his arm so he can hug us with his other arm and say good bye. So one day Dallin picked up a book and put it under his arm and walked to the door and said bye bye. It was so adorable and now he does it all the time. The other day Matt left his binder down and Dal was playing with it. Here are the pics.

Matt never forget how much he notices and how much he wants to be like you!

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Anonymous said...

He is so stinking cute!!!