Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dallin's 1st AAA baseball game!

Today was Dallin's first baseball game. Its was so much fun! He loved playing between the seats with Boston and David, 2 of the little guys that were their with their (APX) mommy's. Boston and Dal would sit together on the same seat and play with their toys. It was so adorable. I thought Dal would want a hot dog, since normally that is about one of the only things I can get him to eat, but he wouldn't eat it. I enjoyed a juicy hamberger! I forgot how greasy they are compaired to turkey burgers:)
So I was nervous taking Dallin to the ball game since he is potty training. He is on his forth day. Last night he slept in underwear and was dry when he woke up. Same for his 3 hour nap. He is doing better at night than in the day now. He did great at the game though. He went twice in the public restrooms, thats a first! He is such a trooper. He still hasn't got the whole pooping thing down yet. That was a challenge today. I'm exgausted and can't wait for matt to get home. I just realized our computer is still set on Utah time so all my posts show 2 hours earlier.
I'll have to post pics of the game later when I get copies from my friend, Katty's, camera. She is so sweet. She let me barrow a shirt for the game. Super cute. What a sweetheart. Gotta love her.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Look at those big convincing blue eyes!

Potty training Dallin today was much messier than the first 2 days. He has suddenly lost interest even tho he is the one that started all of this nonsense. He is so silly. My sister Des said that the 3rd day is always the hardest. So i have debated all day quitting since he is so young and waiting till he is a little older. But I feel like if I quit now it might back fire on me next time because he won't take me seriously. So this has brought me to the conclusion that I become the biggest softy when those big blue eyes look up at me and try to sway me from doing what really needs to be done. I just want Dallin to be happy and know that I love him. I feel like when I am strict with him that he will not love me as much. I have struggled with this since I have had him and I am starting to come to the realization that I need to fallow through with the things I say. A talk by Elder Uctdorf really struck me and has helped me with this in the last few weeks. Matt turned the talk on his iphone and we layed down and listened to it one morning. I don't remember what it was called, I will have to add the name later. But it was about a study that a scientist did on on a group of children. The scientist gave every child a marshmallow and told them that they could either eat it now, and only get one, or if they waited 10 minutes they could have a 2nd one as well. Some ate it right away and others waited a few minutes only to sucumb to their hunger and eat it. A few held out and waited the whole ten minutes and recieved a second marshmellow as the scientist promised. The scientist kept in contact with all of the children from his study and kept a journal of their life. After the children were settled down as adults he found that the children who could not wait for the full ten minutes struggled more finacially and in all other area's of their life. But the children that waited were successful in almost every aspect of their life. Elder Uctdorf went on the talk about how waiting and not always getting the things we want or think we need right away is beneficial to us because we learn dicipline and hardwork. I learned so much from this because I always feel guilty when I am srict and don't give Dal the things he wants, but I am realizing it is good for him. He will get a hang of potty training and eating the same dinner as us and going to bed when is it bed time. It really falls down to how consistant I am. Thats the hard part, cause it is not easy to stay on top of everything. I know that if I can teach Dallin that he can't always have the things he wants now but with work and waiting he will be able to have them later in life and this will result in him growing into a much better man because of it. I am still learning and pray every day that I can be the mother that my children need me to be. This whole mom thing is much harder than some moms make it look!
I feel like the talk by Uctdorf also has helped me be more patient as I have to wait for things I want. It has been difficult financially since we got married. There has been so many things that we have had to go without. I have really had to learn the difference in my needs and wants. Since we have moved to Pennsylvania I have really been wanting to buy more clothes. I packed only the bare necessities hoping we would be doing a little better money wise by now, so I could by some new clothes. Well we have been here over a month and I only have 1 pair of shorts and about 5 shirts to my name and my shoes are a pair of flip flops that have worn threw almost completely. It has been really hard for me to experience this because I already have felt like I have given up everything since I have had Dal. I was so strengthened by this talk because it helped remind me that it is good for me to wait. I am learning to be so much more compassionate and understanding of people. I know the Lord will bless us and he is making me wait so I can be a better person. After all, its not like dallin cares if I look like a grunge!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This is actually an old photo from October 2009 but we lost our memory stick in our camera during the move and I wanted to post a pick. I thought this one was appropriate since we have so much fun together while daddy is gone at work!

So its been a REALLY long time since i have posted anything, but now that i look back on how much we have grown and changed since the last post I regret not keeping a journal of our memories as a family. Hopefuly I can be more commited from now on.
It is May 2010 and we are living in Scranton, PA. It is beautiful and green here. Tons of trees; it reminds me of Portland. Matt is working hard selling for APX alarm and doing a great job. I don't tell him enough how much I appreciate him for sacraficing all his time to provide. We have been so stressed with preparing for our future that sometimes we forget to enjoy the journey. It is really hard being without matt while he is gone all day. Especially at night, like right now its 11:30 and he is still not home. It usually starts to sink in aroung 9pm and I want him here to talk to. We hope this trip will be full of good memories when we look back and it will all be worth it.

As for Dallin, he has changed so much since we have been here. In the last month he has began speaking all kinds of words. Some of his favorites are sorry (pronounced, saw heey), go, a ball, juice, bye bye, hi, grandma and grandpa. The way he says his words are so cute.

Dallin has also decided he wants to potty train. Yes he is a little young only being 21 months old but he is very persistant. He is going on the 2nd day of going potty in the big boy chair. He also woke up in the morning and from his nap on the first day with a dry diaper. He is doing AWESOME! What a fast learner you are Dal! Tonight he did mess up twice. He is still getting down the whole pooping in the toilet thing. That one is a little more challenging. I have been so impressed with how much of a desire he has to learn and try new things. Dal does really well with change!

Some of our favorite things to do during the day while daddy is gone our go to the library and read, play at the park, cook together and cuddle. Dal gets really cranky if he doesn't get his snuggle time.

Well I'll try to be more like Dallin and be persistant with blogging.